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Vasilkovskoe East Project

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The Vasilkovskoe East Project Area ("Vasilkovskoe East"), amounting to 500 square kilometers ("kms2") is situated in the Tainshinski district of the Northern Kazakhstan province and the Zerendinski district of the Akmola province of the Kazakhstan Republic (Figure 1). Vasilkovskoe East is located in the western part of Alhambra Resources Ltd. ("Alhambra") Uzboy Gold Project and is approximately 70 kilometres ("kms") west from Alhambra's operating Uzboy open-pit mine (Figure 2). A good quality, 20 km long, asphalt road connects the area to the nearest city of Kokshetau. Vasilkovskoe East is approximately 200 kms from Stepnogorsk (pop. 60,000), the site of the corporation's gold extraction plant and operating subsidiary headquarters. The Kustanay-Karasu railroad also crosses the area.

Figure 1 - Location of Alhambra's license area (orange) and the main gold deposits in Northern Kazakhstan

Figure 1- Location of Alhambra's license area (orange) and the main gold deposits in Northern Kazakhstan

Figure 2 - Location of Vasilkovskoe East within the license area held by Alhambra

Figure 2 - Location of Vasilkovskoe East within the license area held by Alhambra

Geological Setting

Precambrian crystalline basement, Cambrian to Silurian submarine volcano-sediment formations covered by Devonian continental volcanic and Carboniferous sediment complexes and truncated by intrusive sequences of different age, underlies the area (Figure 3). The geology of the prospect itself is dominated by Early-Middle Ordovician volcano-sediment sequence consisting primarily of siltstone, cherty mudstone, jasper, rarely diabase and rhyolite. It is intruded by several relatively big granite and granodiorite intrusions of Early Silurian (or older - 468-443 Ma) age and some small Middle - Late Devonian granite porphyry stocks.

Figure 3 - Geological map of Vasilkovskoe East

Figure 3 - Geological map of Vasilkovskoe East

The world class Vasilkovskoe deposit with reported resources of about 12.6 million ounces ("ozs") of gold is situated 22 kms west of Vasilkovskoe East. The Vasilkovskoe deposit is a typical intrusion related Orogenic style deposit which is currently mined by the Vasilkovskoe Gold Company belonging to Glencore International AG (via Kazzinc).

The Vasilkovskoe deposit consisting of zones of vein, veinlet and disseminated gold mineralization that shows a strong correlation to the contacts of Ordovician-Silurian granodiorite intrusions. The distribution of these intrusions as well as the interpreted main mineralized corridor is controlled by a Northwest ("NW") striking deep-seated tectonic structure. The extension of this structure and interpreted mineralized corridor to the east toward Vasilkovskoe East is confirmed by the regional magnetic survey data (Figure 4). Same type intrusions that host the Vasilkovskoe gold deposit occur in Vasilkovskoe East and produce similar style hornfels and hydrothermal alterations as in the Vasilkovskoe gold deposit. Twelve known zones of gold mineralization occur in Vasilkovskoe East but very little information about their geological settings, size and gold concentration are known.

Figure 4 - Vasilkovskoe East regional magnetic survey results

Figure 4 - Vasilkovskoe East regional magnetic survey results

Exploration History

In 2005 - 2006 Alhambra's contractor Azimuth Energy Services ("Azimuth") explored a part of the project area totaling 140 kms2. The exploration activities consisted only of geological traverses with grab rock chip sampling and resampling of the old trench dumps. One of the anomalies has been checked by very shallow rotary air-blast ("RAB") drilling that established gold mineralization in one of the holes. No soil or stream sediment sampling has been carried out.


Two areas of gold anomalism can be outlined based on the results of the Azimuth exploration (Figure 5). The first gold anomalism called Ivanovka is situated in the southern part of the area where zones of hornfels and sericite-quartz alterations are observed around Vasilkovskoe type intrusions. It demonstrates patchy +100 parts per billion ("ppb') gold anomalism which is supported by an elevated Ba, As, Cu, Mo, Pb and Zn geochemical signature, although it should be taken into account that an obsolete analytical method was used to determine trace element grades.

Figure 5 - Azimuth Energy Services exploration results

Figure 5 - Azimuth Energy Services exploration results

The second zone with the local name Akshasor, marked by +200 ppb gold grade in rock and trench samples, is situated in the central part of the area and is about 4 kms by 1.5 kms in size. Silicified and limonitic mostly volcanic partly terrigenous Ordovician rocks are outcropped there. The gold anomaly has a very strong Sb, As, Ba and Pb geochemical signature. The geochemical signature and geological setting of the anomaly are very similar to the Uzboy deposit. Inside the anomaly, a zone of higher gold concentration has been established. It is about 800 metres ("m") by 150 m in size with up to a maximum of 9.2 grams per tonne ("g/t") gold in rock chip samples. Only a part of the anomaly was checked with very shallow RAB drilling that yielded significant gold concentrations (0.67 - 1.73 g/t Au) in one of the holes.

2010 Exploration Program

The objective of the 2010 exploration program at Vasilkovskoe East is to check for Vasilkovskoe style mineralization in the western and southern (Ivanovka) parts of the 500 kms2 project area and for Uzboy style mineralization in its central (Akshasor) part. This will include geological traverses, soil and rock-chip sampling. In the Western part of Vasilkovskoe East, soil sampling will be conducted along 4 North-South orientated lines from 5 to 7 kms long and situated 500 m apart. In the Akshasor area 9 NW orientated soil sampling lines, 1,000 to 1,650 m long and 200 m apart will be completed. In the Ivanovka area, 30 kms of geological traverses covering an area of approximately 13 kms2 will be done and rock chip samples will be taken. Contingent on results of this stage, further exploration programs will be formalized.

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