Working toward the establishment
of commercial gold production

Technical Disclosure

Qualified Persons and Technical Reports

Elmer B. Stewart, M. Sc. P. Geol., a technical consultant for Alhambra is defined under National Instrument 43-101 is the Qualified Person responsible for monitoring the supervision and quality control of the exploration programs completed on the Project. Mr. Stewart has reviewed the following information in relation to the Project and has also prepared certain of the following descriptions and has verified this disclosure through his visits to and experience with the Project.

Certain of the following descriptions and summaries of the Project are taken from the Feasibility Study on the Project prepared by A.C.A. Howe International Limited ("Howe") on behalf of the Corporation.

The Feasibility Study is dated June 30th, 2006. The title of the report is "Feasibility Study On The Uzboy Gold Project Akmola Oblast Republic of Kazakhstan for Alhambra Resources Ltd." (the "Feasibility Study"). The independent Qualified Persons as defined in National Instrument 43-101 responsible for preparing the Feasibility Study are R. L. Comeau, P. Geo., B. Brady, P. Eng., A. Hayden, P. Eng., Gordon Watts, P. Eng. and James Hogg. The principal independent Qualified Person for preparing the Feasibility Study was R.L. Comeau. Mr. Comeau has verified the data on the Project through his visits to the Project and his experience in the general area of the Project.